4 Fantastic Facial Treatments

Searching for the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? Advanced Plastic Surgery Center compiled this list of four fantastic facial treatments including Botox®, Juvéderm®, Lip Enhancement, and Cheek Augmentation. These facial procedures make excellent gifts for Valentine’s Day! For more information on these procedures, contact Advanced Plastic Surgery.


Botox® Cosmetic is a simple non-surgical treatment that can dramatically reduce deep, persistent lines between the brows with just a few tiny injections that relax overactive muscles. Botox® has a 95% RealSelf.com Worth It rating.


Juvéderm® is an injectable gel that instantly provides your skin with a fresh look, smoothing away wrinkles, laugh lines, and folds around your mouth and nose without the need for surgery. Juvéderm® has a 91% RealSelf.com Worth It rating.

Lip Enhancement

Lip augmentation enhances the contour and fullness of lips for a younger appearance using Juvéderm® or fat injections. Laser procedures can also be used to smooth out fine lines around the lips. Lip enhancement procedures have a 93% RealSelf.com Worth It rating.

Cheek Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation can restore plumpness to your cheeks non-surgically for a more youthful look by fat grafting or using dermal fillers such as Juvéderm® Ultra Plus and Juvéderm® Voluma. Cheek augmentation has an 85% RealSelf.com Worth It rating.

Fantastic Facial Procedures Infographic