Skin Care

SkinPen® Microneedling

 Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is the perfect way to rejuvenate dull or deteriorated skin and reduce the appearance of aging skin and acne scars. The SkinPen® microneedling device specifically targets delicate areas around the nose and mouth to assist in the collagen remodeling process. How Does It Work? SkinPen® uses adjustable length,… Read More »

Visia Complexion Analysis

In the quest for a more radiant complexion, knowledge is an invaluable tool. Canfield Scientific has created the VISIA® Complexion Analysis system to provide your skin care specialist with the deepest possible understanding of your skin and the ability to show you just how it will respond to a full range of treatments. Download VISIA®Read More »


Your eyes are your window to the world, and usually the first thing anyone looks at when making conversation with you. So why not compliment them by making your eyelashes full and beautiful? With Latisse® you can! Latisse® gives you thicker, longer, and darker lashes that will make it hard for anyone not to look… Read More »


Peels There are a variety of peels that have different depths and utilize different ingredients to target specific skin concerns. Light peels, which usually incorporate an alpha-hydroxy acid such as Glycolic Acid, are safe for all skin types. They provide less dramatic results, but they are gentler and often require little to no recovery time…. Read More »

Skin Care Product Lines

Many commercially available skin care products make big promises in flashy commercials and advertisements, and they come packaged in sleek, eye-catching containers. But they offer no clinical trials or scientific studies to back up their claims. These product formulations usually contain a lot of water and other ”fluffy” ingredients, very low concentrations of active, effective… Read More »