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happy-mommy-holding-daughterNothing is more beautiful than becoming a mother, but pregnancy and breastfeeding can have a profound effect on your body. While diet and exercise can help you look great again, some of the changes to your body are long lasting– unless you get some surgical help. That’s why more and more women are opting for a Mommy Makeover.

Dr. Munasifi customizes your Mommy Makeover specifically for you. It can involve more than one surgery depending on what you want to accomplish. Whenever possible, however, Dr. Munasifi combines surgeries so that you will have fewer recovery periods.

We have a host of techniques available for Mommy Makeovers, and Dr. Munasifi will help you choose the ones that are best for your anatomy and the results you’re after. They might include liposuction, tightening of the stomach muscles, or lifting/reshaping the breasts. At the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center, we offer a five-star experience, pampering you and helping you feel wonderful about your body again.

Dr. Munasifi’s training and years of experience allow him to apply both science and art to your surgery much like a sculptor. Your friends and family are likely to say, “You look amazing. How did you do it?”

Note that while it is safe to become pregnant after Mommy Makeover procedures, doing so can reverse some of the results.

Below are the most common Mommy Makeover procedures:

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

An abdominoplasty – “Tummy Tuck” – with Dr. Munasifi improves the contour of your stomach and waistline so that you no longer have love handles or a roll of fat when you sit down. The procedure includes both the removal of fat and lax skin.

Many women experience stretched or separated abdominal muscles after carrying a baby. If that’s the case for you, Dr. Munasifi will repair and tighten these muscles during your Tummy Tuck. As a result, you will have a flatter stomach and a thinner waist.

If you only have some excess abdominal fat with no muscle stretching or lax skin, you may only need liposuction in this area.

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Dr. Munasifi can use state-of-the-art Liposuction techniques to remove persistent pockets of fat that bother many women after pregnancy. Liposuction allows him to contour your body so that it is both smoother and slimmer. The most common areas for Liposuction during a Mommy Makeover are the abdomen, waist, buttocks, thighs, and knees, but the procedure can be done in most any area of the body.

Liposuction is not a weight loss technique, however. Ideal candidates are close to their ideal weight.

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Breast Lift

A woman’s breasts can change considerably after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Sagging is a typical after-effect, and surgery is the only remedy. Dr. Munasifi not only lifts the breasts higher on the chest, but he can also reshape them. If your nipples point downward, he can restore them to a central location. If your areolas have stretched and lost their round shape, he can reshape them as well. The goal is to restore your breasts to as close to their pre-pregnancy appearance as possible.

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Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift

If you do not have enough tissue to sufficiently reshape your breasts during your Breast Lift, or if you would like to increase your breast size, you might want to consider Breast Augmentation. During this procedure, Dr. Munasifi inserts breast implants in the size and shape you choose and lifts the breasts at the same time. The result is younger-looking, fuller, perkier breasts.

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Breast Reduction

If you are suffering from the weight of heavy breasts, Dr. Munasifi can provide relief through a Breast Reduction. This surgery will relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain, and it will improve your posture. The result is a more balanced figure. Many women say it’s easier to find clothes that fit properly.

Breast Reduction is sometimes covered by health insurance.

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Laser Treatments for the Skin

After pregnancy, many women suffer from stretch marks, scars (sometimes as a result of a Cesarean section), spider veins, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), and other skin abnormalities. Often, laser treatments can eliminate or improve these conditions so that your skin is smoother, clearer, and more attractive. The appearance of scars can also be improved so that they are less noticeable. Dr. Munasifi uses a combination of laser technologies customized to your needs, and the majority of the treatments require little to no recovery time.

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Non-Surgical Procedures

While the majority of Mommy Makeover procedures focus on the body, you might wish to include some facial rejuvenation treatments as well so that you can feel and look better from head to toe. We offer several procedures to smooth rough skin, improve fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, and more. These include the Fraxel laser, Clear + Brilliant laser treatments, chemical peels, and facials.

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