6 Popular Areas for Body Contouring

6 Popular Areas for Body Contouring

You may want to transform your body, but you’re wary about going through surgery and the associated recovery time. But you don’t need to get surgery to reshape your body. Several methods of body contouring can dramatically transform your body.

Your body goes through several changes throughout your life, from childbearing to weight loss. Even if your weight doesn’t significantly change, it may still have a different shape. You can do a lot without surgery if you want to give your body a more aesthetically pleasing look. The providers at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center explain the 6 most popular areas for body contouring.

Under your chin

If you have a double chin–also known as “submental fat” – you may have tried several things to get rid of it. Most people who have a double chin feel somewhat embarrassed about it. And unfortunately, it’s one of the most resistant places when it comes to weight loss. 

Fortunately, body contouring may be the solution. CoolSculpting® can target the submental fat under your chin, making you look thinner and younger. It may require 1-2 treatments to achieve the results you want to see.


If you’re close to your ideal weight but still have stubborn pockets of fat around your abdomen, body sculpting can help. During the CoolSculpting treatment session, you may feel a tingling sensation as your treatment area goes numb. This is normal and expected.

Bra line

Around the bra line is one of the most challenging places for many women to lose weight. Even if you’re close to or at your ideal weight, you can still have fat around your bra line. This can look unsightly, especially if you want to wear a tighter top.

Following the CoolSculpting session, you may have some bruising or swelling. This is temporary and will go away within a few days.

Inner thighs

If you want to lose weight in your inner thighs, you may find it difficult to lose weight here, too. You can try squats and other exercises to strengthen your inner thighs and may successfully build up muscle, but you may not lose any weight. Excess fat may be especially resistant to weight loss.

Upper arms

The weight in your upper arms is often tough to lose. You may have the dreaded “bat wings” of excess skin that dangles down when you lift your arms. CoolSculpting can take care of this problem, too.

Beneath your buttocks

Another place where you may find it difficult to lose weight is beneath your buttocks. However, it’s not easy to lose fat in this particular part of your body. It’s challenging to find exercises that target this body part.

Losing weight beneath your buttocks is often pretty challenging. That’s why you may want to choose body sculpting solutions like CoolSculpting to lose the excess fat.

If you have some trouble spots despite your efforts to lose weight, body contouring may provide the solution you’re seeking. The best way to predict your results is to make a consultation. Contact the specialists at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center or request an appointment online.

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