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Our pricing includes office visits, post-operative appointments, anesthesia and operating room costs if applicable. Pricing may vary based on the complexity of the case and other factors. A fee estimate will be provided at the time of consultation and our coordinators will go over financing.



Armlift: from $6500

Liposuction from: $5,000

Lower body lift from: $12,000

Tummy tuck: from $10,000

Breast augmentation: From $7000

Implant removal from: $6500

Implant exchange:  from $7500

Breast lift: from $7500

Breast reduction:  from $8,500

Necklift: from $9,800

Rhinoplasty: from $10,000

Facelift: from $17,000

Fat transfer: from $5,000

Otoplasty: from $8,000


Qualified applicants may receive interest free financing through CareCredit. This healthcare credit card may be the key to getting the procedure you want now; simply pay for it in installments.

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GreenSky’s® proprietary technology enables the entire financing process to be completed easier and in less time. In addition, GreenSky® also offers a host of other benefits, including significant cost savings and the highest quality support in the industry.


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