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Brows and Permanent Makeup Services


Everyone from young to the elderly, and those who desire a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance can benefit from permanent makeup:

Eyeliner Upper or Lower: $275 (45 minutes)

Eyeliner Upper and Lower: $500 (75 minutes)

Permanent eyebrow: $400 (60 minutes)

Eyebrow Microblading: $650 (75 minutes)

Eyebrow 6D Sculpture: $950 (90 minutes)

3D hair stroke eyebrow: $700 (90 minutes)

Ombre eyebrow: $800 (90 minutes)

Lip Liner: $325 (50 minutes)

Full Lip Color: $700 (90 minutes)

Beauty Mark: $50 (10 minutes)

1.  6D Sculpture eyebrows

6D Sculpture eyebrow is a tattoo technique that fills brows out or reshapes them by drawing on tiny lines that look like individual hairs.  It leaves brows looking natural, and is done with a hand-held tool — it "looks like an X-ACTO knife made out of needles,"— It is done by making small, implanting pigment under the skin in the upper dermal layer, but doesn't go as deep as a normal tattoo would.  It's also semi-permanent. Your 6D Sculpture brows should last between two to five years, about three years on Avg. The actual 6D Sculpture is probably the shortest part of your appointment.

You need to prepare

No alcohol, aspirin, blood thinning medication or retinol one week before your treatment. "Retinol makes your skin thin and then you bleed a little more".

It doesn't hurt (too much)

Pain is relative. "Some feel more than others. Overall it feels like little scratches. You feel it, but it's not unbearable. We will use the topical numbing cream for reducing the discomfort.

Aftercare is essential

That means protecting freshly bladed brows from all moisture–no sweaty workouts. Some patients experience some itching and redness during the first week, which  Aquaphor can alleviate. Brows will look darker at first, but the color will fade 20 to 50 percent.

6D Sculpture is an investment

The first treatment cost up to $950. While lower-priced services are available, we caution against visiting inexperienced technicians. Remember, 6D Sculpture is a form of tattooing.

2.  Perfect Eyebrow Tint

Tinting makes your eyebrows more noticeable and is great for covering greys hair. The key is finding the right tone and shape to accentuate your face shape, complement your skin tone, and make your eyes pop. It is particularly beneficial for people who have very fair eyebrows and for people who normally use eyebrow pencils to fill in their brows. We offer tinting in the following colors: blue/black, black, or brown/medium brow.

The eyebrow tinting procedure involves:

  • Cleansing eyebrows.
  • Permanent tint is applied to the eyebrows for 5 to 7 minutes
  • Remove tint and clean.

The life cycle of the eyebrow hair is approximately four to six weeks therefore after this period of time the hair will have returned to its original color. The treatment, however, can be repeated on a regular basis. It is common for clients to return for tinting monthly.

3.  Eyebrow Design

Perfect eyebrows shape will change your face. Eyebrows design begins with an analysis of your face shape.  The eyebrows will make a huge difference in how beautiful you look. Everyone is unique. A brows design that looks terrific on one person may look terrible on the other.
If you want to look your absolutely best, come to see our technicians for different experiences and receive the perfect eyebrow looking ever. We will communicate, explain, and create a perfect look for the design of your brows.

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