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If you desire full, plump lips that are permanent, a lip lift is the procedure for you. Offered by the expert team of cosmetic and plastic surgeons at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Arlington, Virginia, this procedure gives you the pouty look that’s all the rage without having to return regularly for dermal fillers. To learn if this simple, outpatient surgery is for you, call the office or schedule an appointment using the online tool.

Lip Lift Q & A

lip lift

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that plumps your upper lip, permanently. It targets the pink part of the lip, so you get a youthful pout that just isn’t possible with dermal fillers.

The results are permanent, unlike with injections. You achieve full lips without having to come into our office every few months for retreatments.

What happens during a lip lift?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and lasts 45-60 minutes.

The doctors make an incision under the nostrils of the nose and lift the tissue to achieve a look that matches your aesthetic goals. The incision is placed where it’s concealed by the shadow of your nose, so all others see are plump, pouty lips.

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Who is a candidate for a lip lift?

People with a long philtrum, the distance between your nose and top lip, may elect a lip lift to create a more proportional look. This distance is ideally 11-13 millimeters, but starts to lengthen as you age and connective tissue sags. A lip lift brings the lip back up to create an aesthetically pleasing and youthful distance.

Younger patients who enjoy the look of lip fillers may also be a candidate for a lip lift. While dermal fillers can be effective, they require regular visits to maintain your look. Plus they offer a limited amount of improvement, especially if you have a long philtrum. Over time, your pout looks ducky — it pushes out — rather than lifted vertically.

What is it like to recover from a lip lift?

Following a lip lift, you need about a week to recover. The doctors remove the stitches at your follow-up appointment, scheduled about one week after your procedure. The scar of the surgery heals and fades within one year.

You may want to lay low from photo shoots and big events for a couple of weeks, but you can easily cover the site of the surgery using foundation in the first weeks after the procedure. The doctors at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center give you comprehensive post-procedure care guidelines.

If you’re looking to boost your lips and improve facial proportions, call Advanced Plastic Surgery Center to learn about a lip lift. Alternatively, use the online tool to make a consultation.