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All About HD Liposuction

All About HD Liposuction

You know that you can do a lot to try to change your physique. You can regularly work out and eat a healthy diet, and it might produce dramatic results. But sometimes, it doesn’t produce the results you want.

If you have already put in the effort to eat right and exercise and still feel disappointed that you don’t have the body you want, you have options. Specifically, high-definition liposuction can give you the sculpted, cut body that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own. Curious? The specialists at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center explain more about what HD liposuction can do for you.

What HD liposuction is

High-definition liposuction is different from what you normally consider when you hear the word “liposuction.” 

Traditional liposuction removes excess fat using a tool called a cannula. This thin, straw-like device sucks out the fat from your body. However, traditional liposuction is somewhat indiscriminate; it only reduces the volume.

High-definition liposuction targets very specific spots on the body where you would like to see more defined results. Rather than just reducing volume, HD liposuction focuses on creating sculpted, chiseled muscle definition.

What’s different about HD liposuction

Like traditional liposuction, HD liposuction reduces the volume of fat. But what’s different about high-definition liposuction is that it uses a special tool called Vaser. 

The Vaser tool uses ultrasonic energy to break down the fat more effectively than traditional liposuction. This means we can eliminate fat from muscles, which may be standing in the way of a sculpted look.

Maybe you want six-pack abs, and you can’t seem to get them, no matter how much you work out, or you want precisely-cut deltoids, and they seem to elude you. The most common body parts to benefit from high-definition liposuction include:

Whether you’re a man or a woman, achieving your perfect body should be something that’s within your means. If you’re working out and eating right, you should be able to have a well-defined and sculpted shape. 

If you’re working for it, you should be able to see the results. If you can’t, it might not be your fault. Sometimes you just need a little extra boost.

The limits of high-definition liposuction

High-definition liposuction can achieve outstanding results. But you have to be doing your part to see the outcome you want.

HD liposuction can only help if you’re within about 10 pounds of your ideal weight or have a BMI of 28 or less. Neither high-definition liposuction nor traditional liposuction can help you lose a lot of weight.

However, if your BMI and weight are within the recommended range, we can often help you create a more sculpted and defined look. In addition to being in the recommended weight range, we also look for skin that bounces back quickly, like a rubber band. This is something we can only evaluate with an in-person consultation.

If you are interested in seeing how much we can dramatically change your physique with high-definition liposuction, contact our specialists at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center today or request a consultation online.

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