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Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

Giving birth is one of the most significant moments of your life. But as proud as you may be of your children, most women are often less than thrilled with their bodies’ changes after childbirth. Even if you lose all the weight you gained during pregnancy, your body’s shape has changed. All the skin seems looser and sags more, leaving you to wonder if your body will ever look back to normal again.

The answer is that your body can look again how it did pre-pregnancy, but it’s not a do-it-yourself kind of project. Only a skilled surgeon can achieve the results that you want. The process is called a “mommy makeover,” and it’s designed to give you your body back. In this blog, the providers at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center explain the benefits of this combination of procedures.

What the mommy makeover includes

The mommy makeover often includes multiple procedures. You may have a tummy tuck (also called an abdominoplasty) to correct any loose or sagging skin. You may get liposuction on your thighs--or anywhere on your body--if you have accumulated extra skin.

Pregnancy can also take a toll on your breasts, especially if you breastfed. It’s not uncommon for post-pregnancy breasts to look a bit deflated, having lost their previous volume. A combination of a breast lift and breast augmentation can restore your breasts to their fullness (or even improve upon what you had before.) 

If you have the opposite problem and your breasts are too large, a breast reduction with a breast lift can make your figure better proportioned. All of these procedures are usually done in one day.

Physical benefits

The physical benefits of a mommy makeover are almost innumerable. Restoring your body to its pre-pregnancy appearance can enable you to comfortably wear swimsuits with your kids--even a bikini. Your pre-pregnancy wardrobe will fit you better, too.

Another significant benefit is that your shape is unlikely to change again as you age unless you have more children. The importance of being at a healthy weight throughout your lifetime is crucial. After any initial weight loss after pregnancy, your shape is more or less unchangeable without surgery. Any unsightly lumps, bumps, or other trouble spots are unlikely to go away on their own, even with extreme dieting and exercise.

Emotional benefits

The mommy makeover benefits are more than just physical, even though the physical changes can be substantial. Most women experience a lot of emotional benefits from the procedure, too.

The mommy makeover can give a tremendous boost to your self-confidence and self-esteem. While you still look beautiful even before the surgery, there’s always an awareness of the better body that you lost during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. The feeling of looking like your pre-baby self can provide a renewed sense of confidence.

Many women feel down or a bit sad about their bodies’ changes, no matter how excited they are about their babies. This is entirely normal and understandable. But with the mommy makeover, you can still feel sexy and attractive just like you did before having children. Your body can even look better than before, as it will look more sculpted and toned.

A couple of cautions

Before having the mommy makeover procedures, you’ll first need to be at or near your goal weight. Ideally, you will be done having all your children as well.

The surgeries themselves also carry some risks, such as nerve damage and infections near your incisions, although these are rare. It’s vital to choose a reputable physician to perform your procedures to minimize complications and achieve the best results.

If you would like to know more about the mommy makeover and what it can do for you, call the providers at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center today or request an appointment online.

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