Emotional Perks of Body Contouring

Plastic surgery procedures can have a dramatic impact on your body’s appearance. One of the procedures we perform includes body contouring, which can eliminate unsightly bumps and areas of loose skin. Almost any area of your body that needs improvement can benefit from body contouring.

In addition to helping you look better, however, body contouring has a long list of ways that it can benefit your emotional state as well. In this blog, the providers at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center explain some of the emotionally transformative effects of body contouring procedures.

Improved self-confidence

Many of us have goals to transform our physical appearance, but it’s often difficult to separate the physical effects from the emotional ones. One such example is when you reach a weight-loss goal, especially when you’ve lost a large amount of weight. You’re justifiably proud of how hard you’ve worked to achieve this goal, but you may be disappointed that the process often leaves you with a lot of loose skin. This amount of loose skin can be enough to make the difference between a clothing size or two.

Getting body contouring surgery can help you to see the results of all your hard work finally. Procedures such as a tummy tuck or liposuction can remove all the loose skin. You can see the impact of your weight loss, making you feel more confident about the way you look.

Body contouring is reconstructive

Contrary to many popular views that consider body contouring to be only a cosmetic procedure, perhaps we should be thinking about it as reconstructive surgery because the results are so far-reaching.

Just like other reconstructive procedures can have a profound impact on your overall mood and outlook, body contouring can have the same effects. You’ll feel healthier and look more fit after body contouring. And these effects are likely to impact the rest of your life: when you lose weight and get in good physical condition now, you’re likely to stay in better condition as you get older.

An improved social life

The way we appear to the world affects our social lives, including our friendships and dating opportunities. Getting body contouring can result in having a more attractive appearance, which draws people toward you.  

When you’re more confident in the way you look and feel comfortable in your skin, it’s naturally appealing to others and draws them to you. Don’t be surprised if your social life sees a significant boost after getting body contouring.

Improved career opportunities

It’s an unfortunate fact that weight discrimination is real, according to a report in Today’s Dietitian. These negative effects are particularly pronounced during the hiring process and toward women. 

Even if you only have a few extra pounds due to loose skin or fat pockets, they can still have an adverse effect on your appearance. You may even have to wear a larger size of clothing than your weight might otherwise suggest. Getting body contouring can help you to present a fit, attractive appearance that can improve your career opportunities, too.

Getting body contouring can shape your self-confidence as well as your body. If you are interested in having a consultation about body contouring and the results you can expect from the procedure, we would love to talk to you about it. Call Advanced Plastic Surgery Center today or request an appointment online.

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