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I Still Want More Children - Can I Get a Mommy Makeover Now?

If you’re still in the middle of your childbearing years and you’re not sure whether or not your family is complete yet, you may wonder if you have to live with the changes to your body as a result of pregnancy. You may feel unhappy with some of the changes and know that many of them can be eliminated with a “mommy makeover.”

A mommy makeover is a series of several surgeries completed simultaneously, maximizing how much we can do at one time while minimizing your recovery from each. Although this is a lot of surgery to recover from, it’s still overwhelmingly worth it: 95% of users of the cosmetic procedure site RealSelf who have had this procedure describe it as “worth it.” The specialists at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center explain more about the factors you should consider about getting this procedure when you’re not certain you’re done having children.

The procedures in a mommy makeover

When you get a mommy makeover, it’s designed to reshape your body after pregnancy and breastfeeding and restore it to its previous shape. The procedures may vary depending on your body and its needs, but usually includes the following procedures:

You’ll discuss your specific needs for your body in consultation with Advanced Plastic Surgery Center specialists. These procedures are often part of a mommy makeover, but we can customize your surgery to include the ones that will deliver the most results.

Should you get a mommy makeover while in your childbearing years?

Many women wait until their families are complete before having a mommy makeover. While this is a safe option, it’s undesirable for many women who don’t want to live with the effects on their appearance as a result of giving birth. If you work in a high-profile position or are in a circumstance where your appearance is being scrutinized, you may wish to get your body back to its pre-pregnancy state as soon as possible.

Any reputable surgeon will recommend that you wait at least six months after the birth of a baby to go through the procedures. This is because your shape is still changing a lot during those six months, and what you look like at the end of six months is often quite different from how you look in the first months after childbirth. Birth is a major, significant event for all women, and you need to allow time to let your body adjust before going through a surgery that will require recovery time.

You also may want to consider the fact that your body will go through changes again if you have more children, undoing a lot of the benefits you gained from the first procedures. If you have the time to go through the recovery from surgery more than once, you certainly can; however, this is more expensive, and many women choose not to go through it multiple times.

This is an individual decision, and you may still decide to get a mommy makeover even if you know that the results may not be permanent if you get pregnant again. You can schedule a consultation with the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center specialists or request an appointment online.

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