Mommy Makeover: Taking Back Your Body

You love your kids, and there’s no question having them was worth it. However, pregnancy and nursing change your body in some ways you might not particularly love. For as much as you love your kids, you’re not alone if you miss your old body.

Today’s moms want to look and feel as young and attractive after having kids as they did before. Women aren’t content to look matronly before their time, and now you have alternatives. The providers at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center would like you to know how a mommy makeover can help you reclaim your body.

The facts about a mommy makeover

There’s no question that having children changes your body in many ways. Diet and exercise can help you reach your pre-pregnancy weight, but your shape will have changed. The skin on your tummy and thighs may sag. Your breasts may look significantly less full, especially if you nursed your babies.

Fortunately, the mommy makeover is a series of procedures to help you look and feel like your old self again. The results are dramatic, with 96 percent of women on the plastic surgery site describing it as “worth it.” A mommy makeover generally includes surgical procedures to fix all the areas affected by pregnancy, including the following:

Not every woman will need all the same procedures, but a tummy tuck and breast lift are common to most mommy makeovers. You’ll have the best results and a safer recovery if you’ve already reached and maintained a healthy postpartum weight.

What to expect from a mommy makeover

A mommy makeover gives you a powerful transformation. You can start with a typical motherly body and end up looking great in a bikini. You can tighten your stomach, get perky breasts again, and even have wrinkles smoothed out. 

However, the procedures are pretty complex, and it’s a lot to recover from all at once. In the first weeks after the surgery, you will need pain medication and will need assistance with caring for your kids, home, and any pets. You don’t want to try to be super mom and risk undoing all the benefits of the surgery. Take advantage of any offers for help and reach out.

Don’t gauge your results based on the first days or even weeks after surgery. Healing takes a while, and the full results aren’t as apparent until the healing process is complete. In some cases, full recovery can take up to six months.

You’ll want to maintain a healthy weight to continue seeing the benefits of the procedures. Keep in mind as well that breast implants are not considered permanent, and additional surgeries may be needed in the future.

The best way to know if you’re a good candidate for a mommy makeover is to have a consultation. Contact Advanced Plastic Surgery Center today by phone at 703-260-6446 or request an appointment online.

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