Understanding High-Definition Liposuction

When you hear the phrase “high-definition,” the first thing that may come to mind is of plasma television. While you may not yet be familiar with high-definition liposuction, you should--its results are much sharper than traditional liposuction.

That well-defined, even chiseled physique you often seek just can’t be found in the gym, no matter how often you work out. Sometimes, you need a little bit of help. The providers at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center offer this helpful explanation about high-definition liposuction and why you may want to consider it.

What high-definition liposuction is

High-definition liposuction uses a type of laser called the VASER®. This is an ultrasound-assisted technology that allows us to go deeper into your skin to remove fat. Rather than simply removing fat, high-definition liposuction is more like sculpting your body to reveal its muscle tone and curves.

Only a few doctors in the country are trained in this specialty. Doctors who specialize in high-definition liposuction view your body as a work of art that they can play a role in sculpting because the VASER system allows them to go deeper.

How it differs from traditional liposuction

Whether or not you’ve already had a traditional liposuction procedure done, you can still be a good candidate for VASER high-definition liposuction. The combination of liposuction fat removal with the ultrasound assistance means that you can remove deeper layers of fat that don’t respond as well to traditional liposuction.

The ultrasound melts fat away, even after the procedure. The ultrasound guides the surgeon to target exact areas of excess fat. The result is a sculpted body with the kind of results you can’t get from the gym alone.

Who is a good candidate

High-definition liposuction is undoubtedly suitable for all the same types of people who are candidates for traditional liposuction. You should be at or near your ideal weight, as even high-definition liposuction can’t make an obese person skinny. It’s best-suited for those who are thin but have stubborn pockets of fat they can’t get rid of, such as in the following body parts:

High-definition liposuction is also popular with men. It can create “6-pack abs,” more definition in the shoulders and upper arms, and more sculpted calves.

Combine it with other procedures 

A common thing that many people undergoing high-definition liposuction do is to combine the procedure with other cosmetic procedures. One particularly popular combination is high-definition liposuction with fat transfers. For example, in this combination of procedures, you can have the excess fat removed from your thighs and transfer it into your buttocks, for a fuller, more shapely rear end.

You may view high-definition liposuction as the final step in your pursuit of bodily perfection or a starting point. Either way, you’re very likely to be impressed by the transformation in your body after having high-definition liposuction. Like other types of liposuction, expect some swelling that will continue to go down, even though you’ll be able to notice the results right away.

If you have any questions about high-definition liposuction or VASER, call and schedule a consultation today. The providers at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center are happy to answer your questions when you request an appointment online.

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