Plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic procedures are not just for women. Men are discovering how these procedures not only help them in their personal lives, but also in their professional lives, as the marketplace becomes increasingly ageist.

Dr. Munasifi is accustomed to working with male patients and understands that as a man, you are particularly concerned that your results are natural-looking and not obvious.

His years of training and experience allow him to apply both science and art to your customized procedure(s) so that you will look like yourself – only younger and/or better. Chances are, your friends and family will simply say, “You look great. Did you lose weight?” or “Have you been working out more? You look so healthy and well-rested.”

While most all of our procedures can be done for men, the following are our most popular surgeries and treatments among our male patients.

Gynecomastia / Male Breast Reduction

The appearance of male breasts is embarrassing and causes men to hide their chests under shirts even in summer. Male Breast Reduction is a safe surgical procedure in which Dr. Munasifi removes the excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue (if necessary) to make your chest look masculine. Find out more about Gynecomastia / Male Breast Reduction.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Rhinoplasty can correct a broken nose, crooked nose, hooked nose, hump on the nose, or long nose. Dr. Munasifi can also make your nostrils smaller if you feel they are too large. This surgery is popular with men because a nose that is in proportion to the rest of your face can make a big difference in your overall appearance. Find out more about Rhinoplasty.

Chin Augmentation

If you have a weak chin, you might have been teased or even treated as if you’re weak overall. Inserting a chin implant is a relatively simple procedure that Dr. Munasifi has performed numerous times. He can help you choose the right size and shape of implant that will balance your face and create a strong, masculine look. Some men have nose surgery along with chin augmentation to create optimal facial symmetry. Find out more about Chin Augmentation.

Facelift / Neck Lift

Whether you have sagging jowls, deep facial folds, a double chin, muscle bands in the neck, or lax skin on the neck, a Facelift, Neck Lift, or combination of the two can help you look younger in a way that is both substantial and subtle. With Dr. Munasifi’s advanced techniques, you will still look like you, but not tight, unnatural, or “done.” Find out more about Facelift. Find out about Neck Lift.

Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Many men are plagued by overhanging upper eyelids or bags under the eyes. These issues can make you look constantly tired and older than you are. Dr. Munasifi is adept at removing excess skin and fat from the upper or lower eyelids. People will notice that you look “more rested,” but they won’t know why. The incisions are in hidden locations so that scars are not visible. Find out more about Eyelid Lift.

Brow Lift / Forehead Lift

Men often experience the effects of gravity on the forehead, leading to drooping eyebrows and/or horizontal wrinkles across the forehead. A Brow Lift (also called a Forehead Lift) smooths out the forehead and raises the eyebrows to a more youthful position. Dr. Munasifi has performed numerous successful Brow Lifts on men, so you need not worry about the brows being lifted too high. The surgery can also correct frown lines between the eyebrows or across the nose, and it can help to alleviate mild hooding of the upper eyelids. (If you have significant eyelid sagging, an Eyelid Lift may be preferable.) Find out more about Brow Lift / Forehead Lift.

Laser Hair Removal

Men love Laser Hair Removal because large areas of hair can be removed simultaneously. The most common treatment areas for men are the back, chest, and face. It is especially popular for getting rid of embarrassing back hair. While this technique does not eliminate all hair growth on the face, you will not have to shave nearly as often, which is a big help if you suffer from facial skin irritation. Find out more about Laser Hair Removal.


If you are close to your ideal weight but still have pockets of fat on your body that refuse to change despite working out and dieting, Liposuction may be the answer. More and more men are turning to this surgical procedure to get rid of unwanted fat, such as love handles. Find out more about Liposuction.

Male Body Contouring

Dr. Munasifi is experienced with body contouring procedures for men. These are often done for men who have developed belly fat that will not reduce even after eating right and doing sit-ups. A Tummy Tuck gets rid of belly flab – both excess fat and skin.

A Body Lift is a body contouring procedure that is usually done after bariatric surgery or substantial weight loss. During the surgery, Dr. Munasifi removes lax skin that is often left on the body after losing a large amount of weight. Find out more about Tummy Tuck and Body Lift.

Scar Removal

If you have acne scars, a surgery scar, or an injury scar, there is much that can be done to make the scars less noticeable. Laser procedures smooth the skin and improve the appearance of scars considerably. Find out more about Scar Removal.

Laser Procedures

Non-surgical laser procedures can resolve hyperpigmentation and brown spots, varicose veins, spider veins, fine surface lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, and a number of other skin issues. Without the need for surgery and with little to no downtime, you can look better fast – sometimes without having to miss a day of work. Find out more about Laser Procedures.


For men who feel they are starting to look older but not enough for a Facelift (or simply prefer to avoid surgery), injectables like Botox® and dermal fillers are becoming more popular. In the hands of an expert injector like Dr. Munasifi, no one will be able to tell that you have had a cosmetic procedure. These injectables provide a powerful but subtle anti-aging treatment without a single incision. Find out more about Injectables.

Even if you aren’t sure which procedure will help you look better, contact us for a consultation in Arlington, VA with Dr. Munasifi. He will help you make the right decision for you. Call us today at 703.841.0399.

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