Does Permanent Makeup Look Natural?

If you love the way you look when wearing makeup, it seems like a worthwhile hassle to put it on. There’s no question that it can be time-consuming to apply makeup every day. Permanent makeup seems like the perfect solution: after just one procedure, you can look put-together every day.

However, not all procedures and not all providers are created equally. The outcome of permanent makeup depends on which procedures you choose and who performs them. In general, in the right hands, permanent makeup can be a very natural-looking enhancement of your beauty. The doctors at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center explain more about what you can expect from permanent makeup.

What the procedure is

If you’ve heard of microblading, you might already be familiar with the concept of permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a form of subtle tattooing that can flatter anyone. Rather than providing a dramatic look, permanent makeup can look very natural.

By tattooing tiny dots of ink on your brows, lips, or eyelids, you can get the effect of having makeup on all the time. That means that your makeup always looks fresh, even when you first wake up in the morning.

What to expect from the procedure

Generally, a light anesthetic is applied to make the tattooing process less painful. Although the anesthetics are effective, they wear off quickly, and you can return to work the same day. The procedure takes two to three hours, depending on the number of areas we treat.

You will usually come back to the doctor’s office in about a month after the procedure, to see how well you’re healing and see if you’ve experienced any complications. However, our office is always available if you’ve had a procedure and have follow-up concerns between visits.

You should also know that permanent makeup is often actually semi-permanent, meaning that you may need touch-ups. This is especially true with eyebrows, as you’ll have more than one session to achieve the full results.

Which features can be enhanced by permanent makeup

Permanent makeup can work on many features of your face, but perhaps the eyebrows are the most commonly done. Eyebrows are quite simple to fill-in using permanent makeup and can instantly give you a more youthful appearance. We use the 6D Sculpture method, which deposits color just beneath the skin to provide the most natural-looking results. 

It’s also possible to get permanent eyeliner tattooed on your eyelids, which is especially useful if you have difficulty in making your eyeliner look evenly applied. Many women find this to be a desirable form of permanent makeup, as it saves so much time and has consistently applied eyeliner every day.

You can also get your lips tattooed. It’s vital to choose the right shade so that your lips look natural with a flush of color. However, some people are allergic to the red inks used in the application of permanent makeup, so you might want to test a small area before committing to the whole thing.

Why choosing the right provider is so important

Many different people advertise that they offer permanent makeup applications, with some offering to do so at suspiciously low prices. There’s a good reason to be wary of things like microblading performed by a tattoo shop, for example. They don’t have the experience of a trained doctor or aesthetician. 

Getting permanent makeup applied in a doctor’s office means that medical staff is on hand if you have an adverse reaction to the procedure, although such reactions are uncommon. It’s done in a sterile environment by trained professionals. If you want to achieve results that you’ll be happy with, choose to have your permanent makeup applied by a medical practice.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of permanent makeup, contact the doctors at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center today. Give us a call or request an appointment online.

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