Should I Get a Lip Lift?

You may be noticing more visible signs of aging and wondering what you can do about it. Aside from spending a lot of money on expensive creams, you may not think there’s much that can be done to make you look younger. But a procedure called a lip lift is one way to subtract years from your face.

As we get older, the effects of gravity tend to drag down our upper lips, especially for those who have a history of smoking. A lip lift pulls up the skin above your lip by shortening the amount of skin between the end of your nose and your upper lip. The providers at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center offer this overview of what you need to know about getting a lip lift.

What the procedure can do

A lip lift can bring up the upper lip, creating a more youthful appearance in which your teeth are more visible. According to respondents on the cosmetic surgery site, 92 percent of those who have had it say it was “worth it.”

A lip lift creates the appearance of fuller lips without having to return to our office frequently for dermal fillers. The procedure is also customizable, meaning that your doctor can create a more prominent cupid’s bow or create more balance if your lower lip is naturally thin.

Who’s a good candidate for the procedure

Not all cosmetic surgeries are right for everyone. A lip lift might be right for you if you have enough skin between your nose and your upper lip. Older patients may prefer the procedure for its anti-aging effects, while younger patients appreciate the alternatives to overly-plump lips created by fillers.

There are different types of lip lifts, but the most common one is often called a “bullhorn” lift. It shortens the length of skin between your nose and upper lip. Other types of lip lifts can even include bringing up the corners of your mouth so that you have a more permanent smiling expression.

What to expect from the surgery

As far as cosmetic surgeries go, a lip lift is relatively simple for you. It’s done in the office under local anesthesia, and the procedure takes 45 minutes to an hour. Any surgical scars are well hidden under the nose.

However, although it’s a relatively quick procedure, expect it to require some healing time. You’ll need about a week to recover, after which you’ll return to the office to have the stitches removed. You won’t want to schedule any photo sessions for the first couple of weeks, but you’ll be noticeably healing.

You’ll be able to see some results immediately after the procedure, although the most visible results appear after about three months. Remember that, as a permanent procedure, the initial healing period is worth the slight wait. 

You may not be a good candidate for a lip lift if you’re an active smoker and are unwilling to quit during the healing period. Others who may not be good candidates include those with other health conditions, such as diabetes, blood clotting conditions, or oral herpes.

The best way to know if you have enough skin between your nose and your upper lip is to schedule a consultation. If you’re interested in looking into getting a lip lift, call our providers at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center today or send us a message online.

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