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Hand Rejuvenation


About Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation is an office-based procedure to create a more youthful appearance to the hands, which second to the face are a tell-tale sign of aging.  Hand rejuvenation consists of two parts that may be performed alone or in conjunction with one another: 1) Volumization and 2) Skin Resurfacing. 

What to Expect

Volumization during hand rejuvenation involves the placement of dermal fillers (such as Juvederm or Radiesse) beneath the skin of the back of the hand to conceal the veins and tendons which appear with age.  This treatment takes 15-20 minutes and requires no anesthesia. The results last 12-18 months. Alternatively, a patient’s own fat may be transferred to the back of the hand for a permanent solution. A small quantity of fat is removed from the patient by liposuction from the abdomen, flanks, or thighs, purified, and processed before it is transferred to the hand.  This treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes and results are permanent.

Skin resurfacing during hand rejuvenation involves the correction of sun damage to the hand via laser or light treatment.  An individualized treatment plan will be created for you depending on the level of sun damage.


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